The workplace has come a long way regarding equity and inclusion in recent years, but there is still much progress to be made. Here are seven things you can do to enhance your workplace for women. From talking about pay to expanding your circle, these tips will help create a more equitable environment for everyone.

1. Talk about pay.

The first step to closing the gender pay gap is to have an open and honest conversation about salaries. Employees should feel comfortable discussing their compensation with their managers and HR. Companies should also be transparent about their pay practices, including how they set salaries and bonuses.

2. Be here to help.

Managers play a key role in supporting their employees, especially women. Be available to answer questions, give feedback, and provide resources. This doesn’t mean doing everything for your team; it means being present and accessible when they need you.

3. Expand your circle.

When it comes to networking, it’s essential to expand your circle beyond your immediate colleagues. Connect with people in different departments, at different levels, and with different perspectives. This will help you get a more well-rounded view of your company and its culture.

4. Amplify women’s ideas.

Ensure everyone’s voices are heard by encouraging discussion and giving credit where it’s due. When women speak up, listen attentively and consider their ideas seriously. This includes being willing to challenge your own assumptions and beliefs.

5. Understand women’s needs.

From childcare to Eldercare, women have unique responsibilities outside of work that can impact their careers. Be understanding and accommodating when possible, and offer resources like flexible work arrangements or parental leave policies when applicable.

6. Be flexible.

Flexibility is vital for all employees, but it’s crucial for working mothers who often have competing demands on their time. Offer flexible work hours, telecommuting options, or condensed work weeks whenever possible.

7. Be challenging.

For women to thrive in the workplace, they need opportunities to stretch themselves professionally. Encourage women on your team to take on new challenges and give them the support they need to succeed. This includes access to training and development resources.


Creating a more equitable workplace benefits everyone by increasing morale, improving retention rates, and attracting top talent. It’s good for business – and the right thing to do.