When considering a change, being honest with yourself about your motivations is essential. Are you looking for a new challenge? More money? Better benefits? Once you know what you’re hoping to gain, you can start to weigh the pros and cons of making a move. Will this new position help you advance your career and make more money in the long run? Will the additional responsibility be worth it if it means more stress now? These are all things you should carefully consider before making a decision.

Sometimes there are obvious advantages to staying put. You’re already comfortable in your current position and know the ins and outs of the company and your role. You have a good relationship with your boss and co-workers. And there’s always the possibility of a promotion or raise if you play your cards right. Of course, there are also some downsides to staying put as well. You may get bored with the same responsibilities day in and day out, which can lead to lower morale and productivity. And staying in your comfort zone for too long can mean you don’t grow as much professionally or financially, an important consideration when weighing whether or not to make a change.

On the other hand, changing companies can also be very appealing. It’s a chance to start fresh, learn new things, and take on more responsibility. If you’re unhappy with your current situation, it can be a way to break out of a rut. And, of course, there’s always the potential to earn more money. While these perks seem like they would be hard to pass up, there are likely downsides as well that need to be considered carefully before deciding to make a move, especially if you want to avoid falling victim to one of these three common mistakes people make when changing jobs:

It can be helpful to create a list of pros and cons about each option to help guide you through this complicated decision-making process, both staying put and leaving for a new role. When making your list, consider your current situation. Is everything going well on your current team? What do you hope to gain from a change? Then, be honest with yourself about the potential downsides of moving. What might happen if you stay where you are? With this information in hand, making a decision that feels right for you will become easier.