Top Recruitment Trends to Expect in 2023

1. Increased Focus on Remote Recruitment With more people working remotely, employers will be looking for ways to streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes to accommodate remote hiring. There will be an increased focus on leveraging technology such as video conferencing, online assessments, and virtual career fairs to engage with jobseekers. 2. Proactive Candidate Engagement […]

How to Prepare for Your Next Performance Review in 5 Steps

As a professional, it’s essential to understand the purpose of a performance review and how to make the most of it. Taking proactive steps before your meeting ensures that you are prepared for whatever feedback comes your way. Here are five tips to help you prepare for your next performance review: Gather Data Take some […]

Why Celebrating Success at Work Is Important

Celebrating success at work is an integral part of any company’s culture. It can create a positive team atmosphere, encourage communication and collaboration, improve job satisfaction, and increase productivity. Celebrating successes can also be used to motivate employees and reward them for their hard work and commitment. In this post, we will explore why celebrating […]

How to Rock Your Self-Introduction

Introducing yourself in a professional setting can be difficult. It is essential to make a good impression, and you want to avoid appearing too boastful or modest. However, take the time to prepare your self-introduction carefully. It can help you stand out from other applicants and put you in a better position for a job […]

How Can We Improve Paternity Leave?

We often consider maternity leave a time for new mothers to recover from childbirth and bond with their babies. Still, paternity leave is just as important for fathers. Paternity leave allows fathers to be involved in their child’s life from the beginning and helps create a strong bond between father and child. However, paternity leave […]

The Upside to Job Interview Rejection

Bad interviews happen to good people. It’s not a reflection of your professional or personal worth. But it can feel like one, especially if you’ve been on the job market for a while. The upside to job interview rejection is that it allows you to learn and grow. With each interview, you can practice your […]

Never Get That Promotion You Want? Here’s What To Do

You’ve been working hard, putting in long hours, and making sacrifices for your career. So it’s only natural that you would feel disappointed and even a bit angry when you’re passed over for a promotion. But before comparing yourself to your successful colleagues, take a step back and consider what may have led to the […]

How to Enhance Your Workplace for Women

The workplace has come a long way regarding equity and inclusion in recent years, but there is still much progress to be made. Here are seven things you can do to enhance your workplace for women. From talking about pay to expanding your circle, these tips will help create a more equitable environment for everyone. […]

You’re time billionaire

This article is coming from the Anthony Pompliano Newsletter. It’s an email sent daily to investors. For the one interesting to discover more about it ” Graham Duncan, the co-founder of East Rock Capital, appeared on the Tim Ferris podcast in March 2019. He spoke of a concept during that conversation that I can’t stop […]